Venice Port Authority

The port of Venice is one of the leading ports in the Adriatic Sea. Port terminals can handle all sorts of goods: containers, liquid and solid bulk, general cargo and project cargos. It is the main port in Italy with direct access to inland waterways connecting the north-eastern and the north-western regions of the country.

In order to foster and develop the port traffic, Venice Port Authority is involved in issues such as: MOS development, enhancement of better connections and intermodality, promotion of TEN-T corridors strategy, development of the Port Community System in interconnection with the port stakeholders, implementation of market analyses and development of policies, investments to increase the attractiveness and competitiveness of the port, research about international economic outlook, safety and security and the promotion of environmentally-friendly transport solutions.

Ocean Finance Ltd

OceanFinance Ltd is providing maritime strategic and financial consulting services and software solutions to the shipping industry. It is created by a group of maritime economists and engineers specialized in financial modeling.The company is seeking to expand the maritime applications frontiers by commercially exploiting the generally available state-of-the-art methodologies specifically tailored to shipping management and risk assessment.

We are among the first to implement hybrid forecast and simulation techniques as well as key performance indicators methodologies in the shipping market. By capitalizing on market knowledge and expertise we help our clients make successful decisions on shipping investments. Our customers’ focus activities include ship owning, shipping finance and banking, shipyards, port operators and freight traders who are seeking to expand their capabilities and gain the edge over the competition. OceanFinance has expanded into the energy sector and has specialized in the LNG market.

Naval Architecture Progress Ultd.

NAP is an independent company providing highly qualified design, engineering and consulting services for companies involved in the shipping and ship building business. Since 1979, NAP has grew
up and developed competences in conceptual ship design, structural design and advanced engineering with the use of in-house CAD/CAE software and investment in research and development. Through an extensive number of New-building projects and Conversions NAP has acquired considerable experience and has been long trusted from many ship-owners in Greece and abroad. NAP's expertise is ship design and marine engineering. Our team consists of numerous naval architects, marine and structural engineers and draftsmen that can provide flexible and personal services of high quality. Our company is well known for large scale conversion projects, structural engineering and new-building concept designs. NAP has a very wide network of associated companies that can cover the whole range from designing to building the ship and all of its associated systems. NAP’s experience and competence ranges over various ship types: Cruise Ships / Mega Yachts, Passenger Liners, Fast Pax Ro-Ro Ferries (Day/Night), Car / Passenger Catamarans (High Speed Code), Open Pax Ferries / Double Ended Ferries, Multipurpose Vessels, Bulk Carriers, Product & Chemical Tankers, Naval Support Ships, Tugs, AHT Support Vessels

Additionally NAP is also deeply involved in many EU FP7 & TEN-T research maritime projects.


HELENGI employs a combination of expertise, technology and production techniques to satisfy a diverse range of applications for the use of liquefied natural gas. We have developed a high level of solutions. Starting from consultancy and solution designing, to manufacturing of customized systems, up to after sales service and long lasting reliable support. HELENGI can supply LNG fuel gas systems in conditions and quantities required for marine and shore based industries, meeting the requirements of environmentally friendly and cost-effective operations. HELENGI is a company that targets to implement new technologies and ideas for developing innovative and environmental friendly energy infrastructure, specialized studies and expertise. HELENGI provides reliable and technologically advanced solutions for LNG utilization in land and at sea.