Port of Rijeka Authority

The port of Rijeka is the largest seaport in Croatia, second economic centre and third largest Croatian city. The history of this city and port reveals that, by its strategic position, it was always regarded as an important gateway to Central and Southeast Europe.<,/p>

Today, Rijeka is dedicating all its abilities to revive and reinforce its role of a competitive link with the European countries in an effort to cope with other North Adriatic ports which are experiencing considerable growth of the container traffic on its sea route from the Far East ports to the central European markets.

Rijeka is a port of national significance open for domestic and international public traffic. The funds invested in the development of the port terminals will produce strong and in many ways positive economic effects. A modern and highly competitive port offers excellent opportunity for high influx of new cargo and new shipping companies willing to use such port as gateway for its cargo.

As a result of the important economic measures that have lead to the privatization of the port operations, development of port infrastructure and modernization of its road and railway connections with the port hinterland and catchment area, port of Rijeka is constantly improving its performances and competitive ability thus creating unique business potentials.