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Poseidon Med II First #LNG bunkering, while loading at Gothenburg. Find out more: https://t.co/GyPqaXSiIZ https://t.co/gCZZFePGHz
Poseidon Med II CLINSH (CLean INland SHipping) project emissions monitoring phase begins. CLINSH is part of the European Union’s LI… https://t.co/BFUnGgI2By
Poseidon Med II Scandinavian #LNG provider @Skangaslng has completed its first small scale #LNG loading at the Statoil operated LNG… https://t.co/8AFqE5oZzU
Poseidon Med II Shipping companies may adopt #LNG as a fuel faster than expected, according to maritime agency Bernhard Schulte Shi… https://t.co/HGCxZkQCHi
Poseidon Med II ESL Shipping announced its second #LNG-powered and energy efficient dry cargo vessel. More information here:… https://t.co/HEGc1Q026n
Poseidon Med II #PMII partner Neptune Lines strengthens its sustainability profile. Read more: https://t.co/3xhWieGkYu https://t.co/G8X4i4jco5